Ocean Global is a multi-diversified solution-oriented leader in the industry of Geosynthetics & Filters.

Founded in 1998, Ocean Global is a family-owned business located in New Delhi, India. Through 21 years of growth, we have developed products that can be used worldwide for the development of our future, while still preserving the environment.

All of this would not be possible of course, without the leadership of our founder Vijay Goel, who now oversees business operations as a managing director. Mr. Goel has won several awards for his guidance and expertise and has become renowned as a pioneer of the geosynthetics industry.

We pride ourselves on meeting the highest quality standards during our manufacturing and production processes while delivering customer orders on time. Ocean Global has established a modern and advanced process throughout our company, separating each of our activities into dedicated units. Each of those units is equipped with state-of-the-art technology, to maintain efficiency in every operation. These units include a manufacturing unit, quality control department, a research and development wing, and an administrative department to ensure we can anticipate as well as meet the needs of our customers.

Our Mission

At Ocean Global, our mission is to tackle important global issues such as soil erosion, air pollution, water shortages, waste management etc through the use of our products. We strive to deliver quality geosynthetics that not only aid in the use of financial resources but also to preserve our natural resources. We deliver quality products to our customers while following our values of trust, transparency, and quality.

Our Vision

We aspire to provide a wide range of innovative engineering solutions in the Geosynthetic field to do our part in protecting infrastructures, as well as our environment. We aim to improve the many development industries and their potential environmental harm by offering sustainable, reliable and environmentally safe resources.

Contact us

For any questions or concerns, or for more information, please contact us on:

Website: www.oceanglobal.co
Email: sales@oceanglobal.co
Phone: +91 1145120291
Mobile No.: 918447226007
Mailing Address: RR-24, 2 nd Floor,
Mianwali Nagar, Main Rohtak Road,
New Delhi -110087


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We help our clients deliver and maintain their infrastructure by minimising their risk and increasing their value through the innovative use of geosynthetic products.

Who we are

With its inception in 1998 and with headquarters in New Delhi, Ocean Global is India’s environment-conscious geosynthetic specialist. Ocean Global is synonymous with innovative and creative, yet high-quality geosynthetic solutions. We are leading manufacturers and distributors of geotextile fabrics that are versatile, robust, and adaptable.

What we do

With a rich experience of over 21 years, we are quick to adopt the latest technology providing innovative engineering solutions. We strive to maintain the highest standards in our manufacturing and production processes and offer seamlessly integrated services.


For 30 years in New Zealand and 40 years in Australia we have supported the infrastructure sector on significant projects from the Victorian Level Cross-ing Removal projects to APLNG in Queensland to the Christchurch Gondola in New Zealand. On these projects, and every project we undertake, we have a singular focus: to provide smarter infrastructure solutions for our clients.

For us smarter infrastructure is about using smart products, smart solutions and smart people to help our clients develop value engineering opportuni-ties for their projects. We believe this delivers greater opportunities to lower risk, cost and construction time frames whilst increasing maintenance cycles and whole of life opportunities.


We draw from our experience to tailor design geosynthetic solutions to best meet our client’s performance and economic requirements.

Our superior technical support includes design and construction suggestions, certified designs, construction and installation systems.

Our comprehensive design advice for projects can include stability analysis, typical sections and standard details. We can also assist with product and installation specifications for tenders.

By employing a national team of engineers, and forming strategic alliances with multi-national consulting engineering practices, our technical support for geosynthetics is unmatched throughout Australasia.

We support our design advice with a suite of design software which assists engineers in developing cost effective solutions to exacting international design standards. We offer our software suite free of charge to our clients and it offers the ability to run a range of design scenarios to cover differing ground and loading conditions to minimise the design risk for a project.

To assist engineers with this process, the Geofabrics team of engineering specialists are available to give technical advice in the use of the software as well as provide in-house or seminar training.

Our team also provides on-site installation training as well as guidelines and diagrams to assist contractors or maintenance crews.


By using Geofabrics products, you are supporting the Australian manufacturing sector. Our products are recognised as world-class in terms of quality, so you can be confident you will get superior results.

We employ more than 100 staff in our two manufacturing plants in Albury (NSW) and southem Queensland, returning more than $7.5 million per annum into the regional communities in which we operate.


Geofabrics has the largest regional footprint of any geosynthetic supplier in Australasia.

We have branches throughout Australia, New Zealand, Papua New guinea and the Pacific. Within Australia we have branches in every state as well as offices in strategic regional centres along the east coast staffed by Geofabrics own employees. In New Zealand we have offices throughout the North and South Islands

Our Product Portfolio

Our products include

  • Geotextiles
  • Geomembranes
  • Geo bags
  • Gabions
  • Erosion control mats
  • Geotubes
  • Geocells
  • Cell filled concrete
  • Pond liner
  • Geogrids
  • Double twisted hexagonal gabions
  • Rockfall protection
  • Weldmesh gabions
  • Drainage cells
  • Geocomposites
  • Anti-hail net
  • Geo pipes
  • Biofloc tank
  • Geonet
  • Solar water pump

We have dedicated units to handle production and quality control. We also pride ourselves on having an exclusive research and development wing.

Our Vision and Mission

We aspire to provide smarter and sustainable geosynthetic solutions in pursuit of a clean green environment. We ensure a responsible and reliable approach in meeting with client specifications and requirements.

Our fabrication team and design engineers are ever ready to help our clients assess their specific project requirements. Ocean Global’s geosynthetic solutions are sure to enhance your experience and expectations.


Infrastructure & Facilities

Our Portfolio



our product eCatalog

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our product eCatalog

Make sure to Subscribe us for all our important news and updates.


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