Geosynthetics are an indispensable part of civil and environmental engineering. Being multifaceted and environment-friendly, the geosynthetics also find utility in various segments of the agricultural sector. At Ocean Global, we have a wide range of geosynthetic products that benefit the agriculture industry; all manufactured under stringent quality control measures. In the agricultural industry, the climate is crucial, and there is little one can do to control climatic conditions. But there is a range of geosynthetic products that are highly functional and offer alternatives or solutions to issues in the agriculture industry.


Fencing and Poultry nets

Not just as mesh nets, the geonets find standard utility as fencing wires as well and poultry nets for brooder and layer cages.

Odor Control

Where there is agriculture, there is seepage and even wastage of a large amount of water in various applications. Proper seepage and evaporation control keeps this in check.

Water Storage

Tanks are not the ideal water storage solution for aquaculture anymore with the advent of pond liners and floating covers.


Ocean Global Geosynthetic Solutions For Agriculture Includes
  • Geonets and gabion nets find utility as fences, wires, brooder cages, and layer cages. Then there are the extruded geonets in use for sericulture and geonets utilized as shade nets and greenhouse nets.
  • The anti-hail nets protect the orchards, not just from hail conditions but also birds.
  • Geomembranes such as the pond liners also act as biogas collection covers and perform the function of odor control.
  • Floating covers that protect water supplies are an inexpensive hack for raw water storage without evaporation loss.
  • Geosynthetic clay liners are the solution for waterproof irrigation canals.
  • Pond liners play an essential role in fish farming, offering a more reliable, safer, and better option than conventional materials. They are an inexpensive alternative and have excellent climate resistance and durability and are known to be safe for aquatic life.
  • Biofloc tanks are yet another geosynthetic product, highly durable UV stabilized and inert to chemicals and the chosen method for fish and shrimp farming.
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