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As a leading geosynthetic material supplier & manufacturer in India, we offer geosynthetic products including geotextile, geogrid, geomembranes, geocomposite and geonets.
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We are the Best Non Woven Geosynthetics Company in India
Founded in 1998, started as a family-owned business located in New Delhi(India), Ocean Global is a multi-diversified solution-oriented leader in the industry of Geosynthetics Engineering Solution.

We are the best non woven geosynthetics company India with engineering solutions that are versatile, robust, and adaptable to suit your project requirements. We use latest technology providing innovative geosynthetics engineering solutions
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Assam Landfill – Case Study
A landfill is an essential piece of land that houses all the waste that cannot be disposed of or cannot be recycled and reused. Without…
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Talegaon & Khadki Pune Railway Project
As the city of Pune is booming as the central hub of IT engineers and students from all over the state, the traffic scenes are…
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RE Wall
Rajasthan, Army Area Ganganagar -> RE Wall Panel Work
The RE wall or the Reinforced Earth Wall is a perfect amalgamation of earth and the linear reinforcement material in order to provide the best…
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