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Ocean Global, the best Anti-Hail Net Manufacturers in India, has ecologically safe, engineered solutions to tackle complex issues. Our range of geosynthetic products includes high-quality anti-hail netting made of HDPE. It is an ideal choice to protect crops and fruits from hail and birds.

What is Anti Hail Netting?

Anti-hail nets are a protective shield for the crops from harsh winds, hail storms, and birds even. Hailstones can cause significant damage to crops, breaking the plants and stripping off the leaves and fruits. Anti-hail nets are now extensively being used in agriculture to minimize the effects of hailstorms and for crop safety. The nets are specially knitted of high-density polyethylene and are UV stabilized to withstand harsh sunlight.

For every farmer, anti-hail netting is a good investment. Ocean Global anti-hail Netting helps keep your crops safe and sound by protecting them from hail, wind, and snow. Anti Hail Nets have been designed to be simple to install and remove, so you don’t have to worry about doing it yourself!

Anti-Hail netting is a type of advanced netting that protects fruit trees, vegetables, and other plants on your property from hail, birds, and other predators. Hail is the most dangerous weather condition for agriculture. It has the potential to destroy an entire farm in a matter of minutes. Anti-Hail netting is an effective strategy for protecting plants. It ensures the plant’s continual production.

A hail net is a sturdy, U-protected net that keeps hail away from fruits, vegetables, and other plants. This netting not only protects the fruit from hail but also keeps birds from harming it by allowing it to get enough sunlight.

HDPE (High-Density Polyethylene) netting has 4mm x 7mm mesh holes. As a result, the fabric is light but tough, resisting stains, rips, tears, and abrasions.

Anti-hail netting can be draped or kept in place by a valley formed by specialized clips. Ridge wire supports and valley connectors are designed to resist the reinforced center and edges. Hail will land on the netting during a storm, bounce down into the valley, and fall harmlessly between the rows.

Basic Function of Anti-Hail Netting

Ocean Global’s hall netting has been built with unique features that almost reduce the chance of your product being passed over as it flies across the landscape. Anti-Hail netting can also boost yields by up to 10%.

Hail nets are a cost-effective way to shield your crops from hail, wind, and snow while keeping them safe. Ocean Global offers Hail Nets in a variety of mesh sizes (30%, 50%, and 100%), allowing you to select the finest alternative for safeguarding all of your plants.

It has been built with special features that almost eliminate the possibility of your product being passed over as it soars across the terrain. Hence, Hail Netters were specifically designed to be simple to install and remove, so you don’t have to worry about handling these jobs yourself. Anti-Hail netting is a large investment that will pay off in the long run.

Composition of Anti-Hail Netting

Anti-hail netting is constructed of virgin polyethylene monofilament that has been braided using a specialized process. It has high tensile strength as well as elasticity. Its high flexibility protects crops from hail damage. Unprotected hail wounds may become infected, reducing future yield. Roots can flow through the mesh without being injured because of the unique network topology. Installation of hail cloth is the most cost-effective option for ensuring production continuity.

The translucent anti-hail protection net allows the crops to receive consistent UV rays and all of the necessary sunlight. Anti hail nets are high-quality and robust, as well as lightweight and simple to reinstall. Anti-hail nettings can eliminate extra expenses and prices with all of these qualities, allowing you to get the most out of your business.

A high-density polyethylene that is UV-stabilized and used to prevent hail damage in a wide range of crops. A high-quality net with a cutting-edge German design that protects fruit, shrubs, buds, and seedlings against hail damage. Knitted up to 9 meters wide. On request, other widths are available. Flexible, light, strong, and easy to spread, with the ability to be supported by basic structures.




Protection from natural climatic conditions like hail and wind.

Salient Features

  • Easy to install
  • Lightweight
  • UV stabilized
  • High strength and durability
  • Designed for maximum protection from hail
  • The anti-hail nets with their minimal shade factor, allow for natural sunlight and ventilation
  • Long-lasting.


  • Cover on greenhouse
  • Orchards
  • Vineyards
  • They can be used to cover tunnels
  • It protects crops from adverse climatic conditions like rain, wind, and even birds.
  • Disease and pest control to an extent.

Advantages of Anti Hail Netting

(i) Bird Screening

Birds deprecate and damage crops, necessitating the use of bird netting by crop owners to prevent birds from destroying their crops. Birds congregate near crops in search of insects, fruits, and seeds. This has a significant impact on the harvest. The birds are kept out of reach by netting, which prevents them from attacking the crop.

(ii) Rain

Crops require water, and irrigation is used to send the water to the crops in a controlled manner. Excessive water near the crops can clog during the rainy season. The crop dies as a result of the severe reduction in airflow between the root and the outer environment. Some of the most affected crops are vegetable and horticultural crops, which can be catastrophic to farmers. Because rain cannot be regulated, Anti-Hail netting can aid in crop preservation. They isolate the crop from the rain by not allowing rainfall to travel through it.

(iii) Hail

Hailstone, like rain, poses a serious hazard to crops. Hailstones are rain that has condensed and formed into little stones or big slabs. When thrown on crops, these stones can decapitate or injure them partially or totally. Anti-Hail Netting, which prevents Hailstones from hitting the farm, can save the majority of them.

(iv) Frost

Anti-Hail netting is used to keep the frost at bay. Crops are often harmed in the winter due to uncontrolled ice or dew deposition on the plants, which inhibits their growth. By allowing frosts to cluster on the net, netting can protect the crops.

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