Wide range of products suitable for different industries.
Geotextiles by best Geotextile Manufacturers in India
Non Woven Geotextiles
What is Geotextile & Why we Are the Best Geotextile Manufacturers Ocean Global – the leading geotextile manufacturer…
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Best Geomembranes Manufacturers
HDPE Geomembrane
Ocean Global Manufacturers Sustainable and innovative geomembranes that excel in performance under some very strenuous conditions.
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Premium Quality Pond Liner manufacturers
Premium Quality Pond Liners
Ocean Global is a leading manufacturer of premium quality Pond Liners in India. Our HDPE Pond Liners have…
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Picture of Robust Geo bags on a beach from leading geo bags manufacturers and suppliers
Geo Bags
Ocean Global Geo bags Manufacturers that are cost-effective and robust. Owing to their versatility in function and availability…
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gabions wire mesh suppliers
Gabions Box
Ocean Global is professionally engaged in the production of premier-quality weld mesh gabions in India. Gabions are a…
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Picture containing Geogrids by Ocean Global, Top Geogrid Manufacturers in India
Ocean Global, India, has a wide array of superior quality geogrid solutions for all types of civil construction…
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Picture of Geocomposite Material
Geocomposite Materials
We provide geocomposite materials like geotextile geonets, geogrids, HDPE geomembranes, geonets, geosynthetics clay liners, and more.
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Erosion Control Mats & Blankets by leading erosion control mat manufacturers
Erosion Control Mats & Blankets
In our pursuit of a clean green environment, we continuously come up with ecologically safe solutions. Ocean Global…
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geocells Manufacturers in India
We manufacture Geocells in India that meet evolving needs across various sectors obliterating higher costs. Geocells are cellular…
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Picture showing Plastic Cell Filled Concrete Manufactures
Plastic Cell Filled Concrete
Ocean Global in India has an unparalleled range of reliable and durable geosynthetic products. One of its many…
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Rockfall Protection and Rockfall Barriers
Rockfall Protection & Barriers
Rockfalls are a real threat, especially in areas with slopes and walls. We at Ocean Global have solutions…
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Picture of Drain Cells Manufacturer in India
Drainage Cell
We manufacture premium Drain Cells/Drainage Mats that are available in varying sizes such as HDPE 13 mm flexo…
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Dimple Drain Board Supplies
Dimple Drain Board
Introducing High-Performance Dimple Board / Drainage Board / Protection Board As a leading supplier of geosynthetic solutions, we…
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Picture containing Prefabricated Geosynthetics Clay Liners
Prefabricated Geosynthetics Clay Liners
Ocean Global has the best technology to manufacture Geosynthetic Clay Liners hydraulic barriers in India. In the geoenvironmental…
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Picture of Biofloc Fish Tank System
Biofloc Fish Tank System
Ocean Global in India supports the “blue revolution” and manufactures Biofloc tanks. We use high-quality non-migratory PVC polymer…
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Leading Anti-Hail Net Manufacturers & Suppliers- Ocean Global
Anti Hail Netting
Our range of geosynthetic products includes high-quality anti-hail netting made of HDPE. It is an ideal choice to…
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geo tube dewatering containers and Geo Tube Manufacturers in india
Geo Tube Dewatering Containers
Ocean Global is one of the leading premium quality Geo Tubes Manufacturers in India, from specifically designed dewatering…
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Picture containing PVC Geo Pipes
PVC Geo Pipes
Supreme-quality geopipes using plastic polymers which find uses in geotech, transportation, and environmental engineering.
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Introducing Geosynthetic Composite Cementitious Mat (GCCM)
Introducing Geosynthetic Composite Cementitious Mat (GCCM) At our Ocean Global, we take pride in offering cutting-edge solutions for…
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Best Geonets Manufacturers in India, Geonet Suppliers - Ocean Global
Ocean Global, India, offers a range of precision manufactured geosynthetic geonets to suit your needs. We ensure high-quality…
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Solar Water Pump
Solar Water Pump
Products that reduce the carbon footprint. Joining the solar revolution, harnessing solar power, we are one of the…
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The Ultimate Guide to Understanding Geotextiles
What is Geotextile? An Overview: Geosynthetics are an indispensable part of civil engineering today. Geotextiles are robust geosynthetics and a modern tool with immense versatility.…
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Picture Showing Gabion Types, Advantages, and Applications
All you need to know about Gabion Types, Advantages, and Applications
What are Gabions? Gabion is from the Italian word Gabbione which literally means big cage. Essentially a welded mesh wire cage or box, it is…
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Geomembranes, the multipurpose Geosynthetics
What are geomembranes? In straightforward terms, geo signifies earth while the membrane is a layer. So, geomembrane is essentially an impermeable layer used for separation.…
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