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What are Gabions?

Gabions, which derive their name from the Italian word for the cage, are robust receptacles filled with inorganic elements such as rock, concrete, sand, and soil, as well as glass rock in some architectural applications. Site-specific materials such as galvanized steel, stainless steel, bare steel, PVC coated steel, and copolymer plastic are used to construct these cages. They are known for their great adaptability and are intended to resist all types of weather and site conditions.

Ocean Global is professionally engaged in the production of premier-quality weld mesh gabions in India. Manufactured to meet high standards, the Ocean Global gabion assortment includes:

Gabions are a tailor-made engineering solution made of metal wire, taking the form of a mesh. They are wire boxes filled with materials like stones (stone gabion boxes), concrete, or even sand and soil. The lifespan of the wire mesh gabion box depends on the durability of the galvanized wires.

  • Gabion wire mesh box
  • PVC gabion box
  • Grid gabion box
  • Gabion mattress
  • Welded gabion baskets
  • As a gabion retaining wall structures in highways or as architectural cladding for walls.
  • As gabion retaining walls, they comprise of stone gabion boxes stacked together.

Applications of Gabions

Gabions are used extensively in civil engineering, military applications, road construction, general landscaping, foundations, erosion control, and architectural features. Gabions are being used for a variety of purposes, including architectural fence and veneer building, as well as shoreline erosion stabilization because they are flexible and permeable constructions.

Roads and railways, sports and recreation, slopes and walls, waste, mining, ports and aviation, buildings, water, Landscaping

Salient Features of Gabions


The permeability of gabion barriers is well known. Because there is less hydrostatic pressure building, they require less drainage and, in some situations, no additional drainage beneath the face of the wall.


Gabion walls are environmentally friendly since they are made of little processed stone, which is a locally available natural resource. Vegetation can grow on the gabion walls if desired and with correct upkeep, allowing them to fit in with the surrounding environment. Furthermore, gabion retaining walls have a lower carbon footprint in terms of CO2 emissions than standard concrete retaining walls of the same size.


Because of the well-bonded zinc coating on the wire and their capacity to sustain vegetation growth, gabion has very good resistance to air corrosion.


This characteristic allows the gabion to settle and deform without breaking down or losing its effectiveness. Specifically, while encountering unstable terrain and moving water.


Gabions are sufficiently sturdy, meaning they can withstand floods, torrential rains, ice, and soil pressure.


In comparison to other gabion options, it is more cost-effective in terms of both material and labor.

Environmentally friendly

The gabion cage can be made out of recycled materials. The plantation can grow over time because of the spaces in the soil between the infill materials. Natural occurrences have no effect on gabion elements.

Applications of Gabions

  • As a retaining wall structures in highways or as architectural cladding for walls.
  • Weld mesh gabions find extensive use in landscape architecture, for gardens, yards, and homes. Decorative gabions find utility indoors and outdoors.
  • Gabion mattress finds utility in channel coating to prevent erosion.
  • Gabion baskets come in various sizes and find use in highways and railway works.
  • Gabion sacks are cylindrical and have a porous and flexible structure and typically find use in hydraulic works in emergencies.
  • As retaining walls, they comprise of stone gabion boxes stacked together.
  • Gabion wire mesh serves the purpose of maintaining slope stability close to highways and railways, preventing possible rock and stone fall (gabion box for road protection). They also serve the purpose of anti-erosion (gabion box for highway and bridges).
  • As cladding, the gabions provide an attractive and aesthetically pleasing look to buildings.

Cellular Confinement System & Geocells Manufacturer in India

At Ocean Global, we have an assortment of gabions to suit every client’s needs. Owing to the malleability of gabions, they come in various forms, such as gabion baskets, gabion mattresses, gabion sacks, gabion wire mesh, and decorative gabions. Our double twisted hexagonal gabions have excellent tensile strength.

Ocean Global leading Geocells Manufacturer in India. Cellular Confinement Systems are used in construction for erosion control.

The double twisted hexagonal gabions have a double layer of wire mesh that increases its durability. The double twisted woven wires do not unravel, and the galvanizing coating offers better corrosion and rust control.

Salient Features of Double Twisted Hexagonal Gabions

  • Ease of transportation and installation
  • Malleable, flexible, and durable.
  • Permeable enabling water drainage
  • It is environment-friendly.
  • With a double layer, they can withstand high shear stresses and earth pressures.
  • Low installation costs.
  • They can withstand aggressive mechanical and chemical impact and other environmental stressors like UV radiation or low temperatures.
  • They need little to no maintenance.

Applications of Double Twisted Hexagonal Gabions

  • The primary use of a double twisted hexagonal gabion box is as retaining wall structures in highways or as architectural cladding for walls.
  • Stabilization and reinforcement on slopes
  • Soil erosion and bank stabilization
  • River and canal training as in redirection of water flow
  • Coastal and river embankments
  • They come in various sizes and dimensions and find utility in residential, commercial, and industrial projects.
  • The double twisted hexagonal gabions also serve as decorative and privacy walls.
  • Sound-barrier gabion walls and gabion fences and low walls are other common uses.
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