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Ocean Global offers the development and design of geosynthetic products with a design-by-function and application approach. Over the years, we have expanded our product range and fields of application, keeping pace with changing trends. Our range of geosynthetic products provides innovative engineering and cost-effective solutions in the industries and buildings sector. Geosynthetics are bona fide engineering materials, a sound alternative to scarce raw materials and cost-efficient in comparison to traditional materials and methods. Aesthetics are as important as the performance of the geosynthetics, along with the selection of a solution that offers minimum disruption to the surrounding environment.

Applications of geosynthetics in industries and buildings.

Basal reinforcement takes place at the foundation level. Geogrids provide basal reinforcement on soft soils, increasing its bearing capacity. Basal reinforcement helps spread the load and reduce differential settlement.
Geogrids again come to the rescue in terms of soil reinforcement in either place, where the soil has a low bearing capacity, or in a landslide-prone zone and uneven settlements.
An effective drainage system combats the hydraulic pressure build-up in retaining walls, foundations, basement walls, and other structures.
The nonwoven geotextiles deployed in the geocomposite drains prevent clogging and acts as a filter, maintaining the water discharge capacity. Frequently, the nonwoven geotextiles are used in conjunction with geosynthetic sealing systems.


  • High tensile strength Geogrids for basal and soil reinforcement.
  • Geocomposite drains in vertical applications convey the groundwater to the exit point in retaining walls, foundations, chimney drainage, etc.
  • In horizontal applications, the geocomposite drains direct water to the exit avoiding pooling and damage in roof drainage, balconies, parking decks, etc.
  • Geogrids also have retaining wall applications.
  • The nonwoven geotextiles are robust and well-suited for residential plumbing, real estate, waste management, liner protection, and more.

Geosynthetics are bona fide engineering materials

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