Waste Management

In an endeavor to protect the environment from hazardous industrial wastes, we at Ocean Global, have smart products as solutions to waste containment and management. Our geosynthetic waste management products considerably mitigate the otherwise severe environmental risks. Ideally, landfill gases and leachate should be managed in a way that protects the surrounding environment. Equally important is the management of rainwater infiltration to protect the groundwater. Optimum waste management calls for geosynthetic engineering integration into waste management. Ocean Global’s astounding range of geosynthetics offer sustainable and environment-friendly alternatives to traditional methods of waste management:

  • Geomembranes act as barriers to liquids and landfill gas.
  • Drainage geocomposites convey leachate, landfill gas, and percolation of water from the landfill cover systems.
  • Geogrids and high tensile geotextiles act as liners and as mechanically stabilized walls.
  • Geotextiles offer puncture protection where geomembranes find uses and separation of solid materials.
  • Geosynthetic clay liners  for landfill lining.
  • HDPE geotubes for subsoil drainage, as seepage drains, and pore water drains.
  • Biplanar and triplanar geonets for drainage.
  • Geotubes for dewatering.


Landfill Lining Solutions

Landfills are a critical component of the solid waste management plan even today. The landfill wastes may be a mineral waste, inert construction debris, municipal solid waste residues, or hazardous waste. Geomembranes and geosynthetic clay liners effectively work in tandem as geosynthetic barriers to contain gas and liquids. An HDPE liner with a GCL offers an efficient landfill lining solution.



Leachate Drainage

Geonets, geotubes, and geocomposites are cost-effective options for leachate drainage. These heavy-duty geosynthetics withstand high flow rates, offer ease of installation, and resist vertical loading.

Gas Collection

Gas collection is imperative to minimize air pollution and leads to breaches in the capping system if absent. Biaxial geonets in gas collection systems convey the gas quickly to the point of treatment.

Dewatering System

Geotubes or dewatering tubes are critical in any waste management project. Inert to biological degradation, chemicals, and climate conditions, they are the most ecologically safe and preferred dewatering technology world-wide. The waste slurry pumped into the permeable geotextile tubes is treated with flocculants, allowing the water to permeate through the fabric, retaining low moisture solid wastes.

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