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With the massive on-going infrastructure development, the demand for Geosynthetics in India is witnessing an enormous rise. Ocean Global’s range of geosynthetics finds applications in almost all infrastructure sectors. Ocean Global has an aesthetically pleasing range of geosynthetics pertinent to the roads and highways, which not just offer smarter solutions to traditional methods and materials but are also cost-efficient. Our geosynthetic product array for roads and highways specifically serves functions of separation, reinforcement, filtration, surface sealing, and subsoil drainage.


Separation and Filtration

The nonwoven geotextiles perform the function of separation when placed between two dissimilar materials, maintaining the integrity and functionality of both layers. Robust with high puncture resistance and high elongation capacity, the Ocean Global nonwoven geotextiles ensure excellent resistance. Allowing the liquid to flow across, the geosynthetic permeability helps with filtration. This facilitates the avoidance of contamination of aggregate base material and the subgrade layer.




Ocean Global Geogrids are soil stabilizing and reinforcing geosynthetic products. Providing effective confinement of granular fill, they make for a highly durable and stabilized layer capable of absorbing tensile forces induced by heavy traffic, redistributing weight across large spaces.


Subsoil Drainage

Ocean Global nonwoven geotextiles provide for an effective horizontal drainage path for water that seeps through cracks and damaged joint seals. When placed between the pavement and subsoil, the three-dimensional nonwoven geotextile provides stability and subsurface drainage.


Our range of Geosynthetic Clay Liners provides a robust cover withstanding rough road installations. Their thin profile gives them an edge over traditional compacted clay requiring less soil excavation and removal.


Ocean Global Geosynthetic Solutions For Roads and Highways Includes
  • While the woven geotextiles help with separation and stabilization, the nonwoven geotextiles help with superior resistance and permeability.
  • Geogrids (biaxial and multiaxial) create a mechanically stable layer capable of withstanding heavy loads.
  • HDPE Geocells are versatile and cost-effective in road development and stabilization
  • Double twisted hexagonal gabion boxes and weld mesh gabion boxes function as retaining wall structures in highways.
  • Geo pipes help with edge drains on highways and subsoil drainage for roads.
  • Geocomposites find use as drainage products.
  • Geomembranes find utility as roadblock sheets.
  • Plastic cell filled concrete blocks are extensively used in laying pavements and roads.
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