Ocean Global geosynthetics offer a complete solution for all your water woes. Be it potable water or wastewater; be it storage, distribution, or treatment, our comprehensive product range covers them all.



Dewatering of sewage and sludge is a common issue that requires proper management. Removing sediments through conventional methods can be an expensive affair.

Potable Water Storage

Treated water stored in reservoirs, storage tanks, or water towers needs protection as well.

Storm Water Storage

To reduce consumption and depletion of potable water, stormwater detention, and harvesting is the preferred mode of recycling and upcycling water. Rainwater harvesting consists of a subsurface drainage system and a storage tank. The rainwater collected in the geosynthetic tank undergoes sedimentation and filtration and is ready for reuse.


Hydraulic Solutions

The risk of scouring with artificial structures like bridges and piers is always high. The geosynthetics provide long-lasting and economical solutions that resist the natural destructive forces, irrespective of the soil type and revetment design.


Ocean Global Geosynthetic Solutions For Water Includes
  • Geotubes are the answer to all dewatering projects. The sludge/slurry is pumped into the permeable geotextile tubes, treated with flocculants, and water allowed to drain through the geotextile pores. This water is fit for reuse after treating it or returned to waterways.
  • Floating covers protect potable water, maintain the chlorine level by preventing its loss into the atmosphere, and generally protect it from precipitation, wind, and dust.
  • There are specific geomembranes for water storage infrastructure, such as in dams and reservoir linings, to prevent leakage.
  • High-performance geotextiles help with filtering in rainwater harvesting.
  • Gabions mattresses and geosynthetic sand containers or geobags  offer a robust solution for hydraulic applications such as weirs, groynes and breakwaters, bridge piers, culverts, and river crossings, scour protection and along riverbanks.
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