Being environment-conscious geosynthetic specialists, Ocean Global has a wide range of products and solutions catering to the railway sector. The increasing speed and weight of trains demand robust track constructions. In compliance with modern design requirements, Ocean Global’s premium-quality products work well not just for new track constructions but also for maintenance of existing railway tracks, all at cost-efficient rates and improving the longevity of structures.



Subgrade erosion leads to loss of line and level, and the mud pumping results in mud holes and extensive track deterioration, requiring extensive maintenance. Geocomposites are a long-term solution to prevent mud pumping phenomenon, preventing rainwater penetration to the underlying deposits, allowing a controlled upward movement of water. It reduces maintenance costs and offers ease of installation.



Track Ballast Stabilization

Use of robust geogrids and geocomposites under the ballast increases the lifespan of the ballast and reduces excessive degradation and deformation, significantly increasing sustainability and reducing maintenance/renewal costs.


Capping layer Stabilization

Nonwoven Geotextiles separate the ballast and capping layers and also find use at the subgrade capping interface. It provides separation and filtration, enhances adequate drainage, and stabilizes the capping layer. Geogrids in the track substructure provide mechanical stabilization of the capping layer, especially in coastal areas with soft subgrade soil having a low bearing capacity.


Good drainage is critical to avoid track deterioration. Drainage geocomposites at relevant points provide the much required cross-track drainage. Also, the installation of prefabricated vertical drains increases leads to improved stabilization of soft subgrade soil.

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