The role of geosynthetics in sustainable environmental engineering is immense. Ocean Global is a market leader in the design, development, and manufacture of premier quality geosynthetics that perfectly blend with the demands of today’s environmental and civil engineering projects. Waterproofing is a critical aspect of all construction. Various surfaces require waterproofing and call for the use of impermeable membranes and materials. Geosynthetics come to the rescue and provide the perfect waterproofing solutions. Geosynthetic clay liners or GCLs are the most popular waterproofing or sealing geosynthetics. With a layer of bentonite, GCLs act as hydraulic barriers and help with containment and sealing functions.


Ocean Global Geosynthetic Solutions For Environmental Includes
  • Geomembranes are environmentally friendly and non-toxic, with excellent mechanical strength and stability. They have great waterproof, anti-seepage and damp-proof properties making them a preferred choice for landfills, sewage treatment plants, industrial and hospital wastes, building basement, docks, dams, reservoirs, and other purposes in the sanitation, agriculture and urban sectors.
  • Geotextiles have proper permeability and drainage function and are often in use in highway, railway embankments, dams, airports, and stadiums. With drainage, filtration, and anti-seepage properties, they find utility in railway bed reinforcement, coastal areas, pavement maintenance, etc.
  • Geosynthetic clay liners are excellent permanent waterproof materials. GCLs have a good sealing performance and find extensive use in roof gardens, tunnels, artificial lakes, landfills, and other places.
  • The geocomposite drainage network performs the functions of filtration, drainage, ventilation, and protection and is in use in railways, tunnels, highways, reservoir, and slope protection.
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