Landscaping and sports infrastructure

Ocean Global Geosynthetics are so versatile that their uses exceed imagination. We have aesthetically appealing, durable solutions for landscaping and sports infrastructure, which enhance the existing design, add ornamental features, or create synthetic grass fields. It is impossible to find any engineering or infrastructure project which does not involve the use of geosynthetics. Repeated use and overuse of sports fields and turfs declines the quality of the field surfaces. The use of geosynthetics is an innovative solution that paves the way for more stable, durable, natural, and synthetic turfs.

The geosynthetic drainage cells provide the subsoil drainage efficiently with a network of interconnected cells. The large surface area of the drainage system aids in quicker water removal. This also means that the sports fields dry up faster and are re-useable to play within a short duration. Ease of installation makes the drainage cells a favored choice in most landscaping and sports infrastructure projects.
The geosynthetic clay liners, EPDM, and HDPE pond liners are ideal for ornamental lakes in golf courses, parks, and other recreational areas. They are eco-friendly, highly flexible, UV stabilized, and cost-effective geosynthetics with high tearing resistance and undoubtedly a better option to natural clay liners.
Gabions are expansively used in landscaping. They are both functional and eye-catching. Their utility depends on the creativity of landscaping artists. A well-structured gabion wall can serve as a decorative wall, a sound barrier, a wall cladding, etc. Rock filled gabion walls look spectacular and are quite the trend. The functions of separation, filtration, and quicker drainage are essential design elements to look for.


  • Excellent drainage in the form of nonwoven geotextiles.
  • Separation and filtration offered by woven geotextiles
  • Rapid removal of water with Geopipes
  • Composite drain system for better and quicker drainage.
  • Retaining walls or architectural cladding with double twisted hexagonal and weld mesh gabions
  • Decorative or privacy walls or even sound-barrier gabion walls
  • Weld mesh gabions find innovative and creative uses in landscape architecture in gardens, yards, and even homes, both outdoors and indoors.
  • Geosynthetic clay liners, EPDM, and HDPE pond liners find utility in ornamental lakes in landscape and sports sectors.

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