Elevating Railway Infrastructure with Geosynthetics – Maharashtra Project

December 29, 2023 | Case Studies


We Ocean Non Wovens Pvt. Ltd. played a pivotal role in a significant railway infrastructure project in Maharashtra. The project aimed to improve the stability and longevity of the railway tracks, employing geotextiles and geogrids supplied by Ocean Global.


Soil Erosion and Stability: The railway tracks in Maharashtra faced challenges related to soil erosion and stability, necessitating a robust solution.

Longevity of Infrastructure: The client sought a solution that would enhance the lifespan of the railway tracks, reducing maintenance requirements.


Ocean Global collaborated with the project engineers to tailor a solution using geotextiles and geogrids:

Geotextiles Implementation (32,000 sqm): Deployed strategically beneath the tracks, geotextiles acted as a barrier against soil erosion, providing stability and preventing the mixing of subgrade materials.

Geogrid Application (28,834 sqm): Geogrids were employed to reinforce the railway embankments, distributing loads more effectively and mitigating the potential for settlement.


Site Assessment: Ocean Global’s engineering team conducted a thorough site assessment to determine the specific requirements and challenges of the project.

Customized Product Solutions: Ocean Global supplied customized geotextiles and geogrids, engineered to meet the project’s precise specifications and environmental conditions.

Collaborative Installation: Working closely with the construction team, Ocean Global ensured the proper installation of geosynthetics, optimizing their effectiveness.


Enhanced Stability: The implementation of geotextiles and geogrids significantly improved the stability of the railway tracks, reducing the risk of soil erosion and settlement.

Increased Lifespan: By providing a protective layer and reinforcement, the geosynthetic solutions contributed to the longevity of the railway infrastructure, minimizing maintenance needs.

Project Timeline Adherence: Ocean Global’s timely supply and collaborative installation approach contributed to the adherence to the project timeline, ensuring seamless integration with the overall construction schedule.


The Railway Project at Maharashtra, stands as a testament to the effectiveness of geosynthetics in enhancing the stability and longevity of critical infrastructure. Ocean Global’s collaboration with the project team and the successful application of geotextiles and geogrids underscore the company’s commitment to providing innovative and tailored solutions in the field of geosynthetics. This case study showcases the positive impact of geosynthetics on railway infrastructure, setting a precedent for future projects in the region.

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