How Long Does Non-Woven Geotextile Last?

January 30, 2022 | Geotextile, Insights

It has always been a problem that geotextile coatings affect geotextile formation. It can be confirmed by engineering construction that the geotextile construction time can be extended in the following ways.

The quality of the geotextile disturbs the geotextile for one year. From a geotextile production source, we will focus on geotextile production to ensure geotextile quality and ensure the normal life of the geotextile service. Proof of geotextile construction found that the performance of the company’s industrial textile products was reduced after formal construction, and performance was stronger than similar geotextile.

After talking about the quality of geotextile production and other problems, we should talk about the problem of high-grade geotextile production. Geotextile has high strength and strong flexibility and is used in the construction of anti-rigid and water extraction projects. It is valuable, the geotextile environment is not good at all, and so good construction can start new problems over time, thus ensuring geotextile performance and geotextile health.

Geotechnical workers are well aware that geotextile cause the construction site to move frequently because the construction site needs to be moved more often. Frequency, handling, or transportation leads to the emergence of homespun fabric. This is also a lot of additional heart disease.

Clean the transport equipment to ensure that the transport does not have an unusual impact. Reduce drag during transport, which can ensure geotextile integrity, so avoid repairs during construction, thus ensuring geotextile service life.

Geotextile is a new type of building material; raw material is a synthetic fiber, polypropylene, fiber, nylon, and other high-density polymers. According to the production method, it is divided into two types: woven geotextile and non-woven geotextile. Usually, the main project is a non-woven geotextile used.

Geotextile has many functions such as anti-seepage, filter, drainage, separation, protection, and sealing. Compared to the seepage effect of the masonry release of conventional masonry of stone and concrete, it has low investment, simple construction technology, short construction time, and a good anti-visual effect.

Geotextile is a new type of building material used in civil engineering, filter protection, water filtration, and other applications. There are many types of it, including staple fiber needle-punched non-woven geotextile, filament needle-punched geotextile, split silk geotextile, woven geotextile thread. Geotextile is a relatively new type of building material, and the immature material is made of cotton and polypropylene, Synthetic fibers such as polymer membranes.

The attractiveness of the homespun fabric includes alternatives, anti-wave rays, temperature changes, chemical and biological damage, impact, impact, melting, mechanical degradation, elasticity, etc.

The following is a detailed description of how long geotechnical operations can be used: Impact We have proven over the years of the construction process that the strength of geotextile fibers is strongly affected by iron ions, underwater, and less sensitive to acids and alkalis; under pressure, the geotextile duration will be reduced.

Geotextile have a variety of options, including radiation resistance, chemical mutations, chemical and biological production, impact, melting, mechanical control, and pathological changes. , And the combination of moisture and pearls will increase the temperature.

The anti-aging performance of soft elastic geotextile is better than polypropylene fabric, but when combined with water, the softness of the soft fabric will be faster. If the polypropylene fabric uses an anti-aging agent carbon black, it can be applied to the soil. Therefore, as long as the geotextile avoids direct intrusion, the velocity can be adjusted to the ground or buried in water.

Geotextile is a highly durable material, and a combination of low-density soils and geosynthetics can increase the loading capacity of vitamins. Increasing the level of energy can not only determine the strength of the material but also create a conflict between geosynthetics materials and the soil. The addition of geotextile can alter solid geotextile elements (geotextile), which can alter the anti-aggression properties of solids, strengthen the lateral flexibility of the soil, and improve structural strength. It cannot receive radiation for 30-180 days until the equipment is used.

About the calculation of the amount of geotextile used: To estimate the length and width of the earth that needs to be connected to the geotextile, it is necessary to add a pre-stored amount of geotextile by about 5%.

Geotextile synthetic material is a polymer material or polymer engineering applied in geoengineering and civil engineering. It is applied in many fields such as water conservation, dams, road construction, etc. A long service life of geotextile can provide more than 50 years, which can decrease costs.

According to experiments, the service life of fiber geotextile is longer than that of polypropylene geotextile, which furthers the aging of geotextile for more than 50 years.

The geotextile manufacturing materials are not associated with the service life, and their characteristics are also related. The qualified geotextile will withstand aging for more than 50 years, so the constructor can use it.

Nevertheless, geotextile fabric lifespan can be extended up to 20 years through various treatments and blending.

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