Unlocking Sustainable Infrastructure with Ocean Non Wovens’ HDPE Perforated Geocell – Agartala, Tripura (LHP Project)

January 15, 2024 | Case Studies


Ocean Non Wovens, a pioneering force in geosynthetics manufacturing, spearheaded a groundbreaking project in Agartala, Tripura — the LHP Project. This initiative showcased the transformative potential of Ocean Non Wovens’ HDPE Perforated Geocell, weighing 150gsm, as a sustainable and efficient solution for civil engineering and environmental protection.

Project Overview:

Project Name: LHP Project at Agartala, Tripura

Product Used: HDPE Perforated Geocell – 150gsm

Quantity Used: 9979 Sqm


Agartala, with its unique geographical and environmental characteristics, presented challenges for traditional construction methods. The LHP Project required a solution that could address:

  1. Soil Erosion: The region faced significant soil erosion issues due to its topography and climate.
  2. Infrastructure Stability: Ensuring the stability of infrastructure in challenging terrains while maintaining environmental sustainability.


Ocean Non Wovens’ HDPE Perforated Geocell emerged as the ideal solution for the LHP Project, offering a combination of strength, flexibility, and environmental sensitivity. The key features of the solution included:

  1. Strength and Durability: The 150gsm HDPE Perforated Geocell provided robust support, distributing loads effectively and preventing soil displacement.
  2. Perforation for Water Management: The perforated design facilitated efficient water drainage, reducing the risk of water accumulation and soil erosion.
  3. Environmental Compatibility: Manufactured with a commitment to sustainability, the HDPE Geocell aligned with Ocean Non Wovens’ dedication to eco-friendly solutions.


The implementation strategy for the LHP Project involved seamless integration of Ocean Non Wovens’ HDPE Perforated Geocell into the construction process:

  1. Collaborative Planning: Collaborating with project engineers and stakeholders to customize the application of HDPE Geocell for the unique needs of the Agartala terrain.
  2. Installation Expertise: Ocean Non Wovens provided on-site support and training to ensure the correct installation of HDPE Perforated Geocell, optimizing its effectiveness.
  3. Monitoring and Evaluation: Continuous monitoring and evaluation throughout the project ensured that the geocell solution performed as expected, meeting or exceeding project requirements.


The implementation of Ocean Non Wovens’ HDPE Perforated Geocell in the LHP Project yielded remarkable outcomes:

  1. Soil Erosion Mitigation: The geocell effectively prevented soil erosion, preserving the integrity of the project site.
  2. Infrastructure Stability: Enhanced load distribution and support resulted in increased stability and durability of the constructed infrastructure.
  3. Environmental Impact: The project showcased a commitment to sustainable practices, aligning with Ocean Non Wovens’ mission for environmentally conscious solutions.


The LHP Project in Agartala, Tripura, stands as a testament to the innovation and effectiveness of Ocean Non Wovens’ HDPE Perforated Geocell. By addressing the unique challenges of the Agartala region, this project not only achieved its engineering objectives but also contributed to environmental sustainability. Ocean Non Wovens continues to lead the way in providing cutting-edge geosynthetic solutions, setting new standards for excellence in the industry.

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