Ocean Polymer Net: Revolutionizing Nagaland’s Infrastructure in the Kohima-Jessami Road Project

June 15, 2023 | Case Studies


The Kohima-Jessami Road Project in Nagaland presented a unique challenge for improving the region’s infrastructure. Ocean Non Wovens, a leading geosynthetics manufacturing company, stepped in with their innovative solution – Ocean Polymer Net. This case study explores how Ocean Polymer Net revolutionized the project, offering unparalleled durability, stability, and cost-effectiveness.

The Challenge: Kohima-Jessami Road Project in Nagaland

The Kohima-Jessami Road Project required a robust and sustainable solution to overcome the region’s challenging terrain. Ocean Non Wovens’ Ocean Polymer Net, a high-quality geosynthetic material, proved to be the ideal choice. Designed to enhance soil stability, prevent erosion, and reinforce the roadbed, it delivered exceptional performance in demanding conditions. Its lightweight yet strong composition ensured long-lasting results, reducing maintenance costs and extending the road’s lifespan.

Ocean Non Wovens’ Solution: Ocean Polymer Net

Building roads in tough terrain can be a bumpy ride, but with Ocean Polymer Net, it’s smooth sailing all the way! Say goodbye to road damage and frequent repairs. Our geosynthetic marvel provides the ultimate strength and stability, making your journeys safer and more enjoyable. Don’t compromise on quality; choose Ocean Non Wovens for a road that stands the test of time!

Key Project Details:

  • Project Name: Kohima-Jessami Road Project
  • Location: Nagaland
  • Product Used: Ocean Polymer Net
  • Geotextile Area: 50,100 Sqm

Reinforcing the Roadbed: Preventing Erosion and Enhancing Stability

Ocean Polymer Net played a pivotal role in the Kohima-Jessami Road Project. With a wide geotextile coverage of 50,100 Sqm, it effectively reinforced the roadbed, preventing soil erosion and enhancing overall stability. This durable geosynthetic material not only improved road performance but also contributed to environmental sustainability by minimizing the need for frequent repairs and reducing material wastage.


The Kohima-Jessami Road Project in Nagaland witnessed a remarkable transformation with Ocean Non Wovens’ Ocean Polymer Net. This geosynthetic marvel not only surpassed traditional road construction methods but also demonstrated its commitment to sustainability. By choosing Ocean Polymer Net, you’re not just investing in quality infrastructure; you’re paving the way for a brighter and greener future.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What makes Ocean Polymer Net superior to traditional road construction methods?

Ocean Polymer Net offers exceptional durability, stability, and cost-effectiveness compared to conventional methods. Its lightweight nature and high strength make it easier to handle and install, while its long-lasting performance significantly reduces maintenance expenses.

Can Ocean Polymer Net be used in other infrastructure projects?

Absolutely! Ocean Polymer Net is designed with sustainability in mind. By reducing the need for frequent repairs and minimizing material wastage, it contributes to a greener and more eco-friendly road construction process.

Can Ocean Polymer Net be used in other infrastructure projects?

Certainly! Ocean Polymer Net is versatile and can be utilized in various infrastructure projects such as embankments, retaining walls, and slope stabilization. Its applications extend beyond roads to provide effective solutions for multiple engineering challenges.

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