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January 2, 2023 | Case Studies

The RE wall or the Reinforced Earth Wall is a perfect amalgamation of earth and the linear reinforcement material in order to provide the best qualities of both materials that is, compression by earth (soil) and strong tensile strength by the linear reinforcement.

In this case study we shall be discussing about the problems and solutions while constructing the RE wall Panel by the proper use of Geotextiles by Ocean Global in the Army Area of Ganganagar District of Rajasthan.

In order to resist the lateral pressure of the earth (soil) and bolsters the soil sideways on both sides of the wall, especially to take care of different levels of elevation on both the sides.

The reinforcing element that exerts the pressure should be anything from soil, liquid pressure, sand, earth filling, etc.

Product– Ocean Geotextile-200GSM

Quantity-44000 Sqm”


Considering the geological location and topography of the Army Area of Ganganagar district in Rajasthan that falls on the boundary area of India and Pakistan, a good quality highly tensile and strong wall construction was needed, without encroaching the adjacent land.

Also due to the soil condition and type of earth base, the conventional reinforced concrete and Gravity retaining walls were not a suitable solution. 

The other problems faced in this area for a retaining wall construction were, difficult design conditions, a few obstructions within the soil mass itself, and restricted space, among others. 


The RE walls is a new age wall building technique that is extremely economical, and easy and rapid to construct. Therefore, it is preferred worldwide by many construction companies. 

The construction of the RE wall panels in the Army Area of Gnaganagar, was carried out with retaining walls having geotextile of 200 GSM used as the reinforcement material 

This Geotextile material provided the much needed accurate tensile strength, creep resistance. And pullout resistance to the wall. Also, considering the extreme climatic conditions of the area, the geotextile material was the best fit as a reinforcement material, as it is highly chemical and temperature resistant.

Apart from protecting the entire landscape, the geotextile RE wall panels also add to the aesthetics of the area.This type of RE wall also helps in stabilization of the soil structures and prevents soil erosion.

It is also considered to be highly effective in flood control.

However, most importantly it provided the much needed tensile strength and extreme  loading conditions. 

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