River Bank Protection Project: Ocean Non Wovens Delivers with Gabion Boxes

July 14, 2023 | Case Studies


Welcome to Ocean Non Wovens, a leading geosynthetics manufacturing company. In this case study, we will delve into our recent River Bank Protection Project in Sitamarhi, Bihar. Our team successfully provided 3330 Gabion Boxes, an exceptional product that played a crucial role in the project’s success. In this blog, we will share valuable information about Gabion Boxes, their significance in river bank protection, and how Ocean Non Wovens helped tackle this challenging project.

River bank erosion is a significant concern for many regions, and Sitamarhi, Bihar, was no exception. The constant force of water flow often leads to the erosion of river banks, resulting in property damage, loss of land, and environmental degradation. To combat this issue, Ocean Non Wovens collaborated with local authorities to implement an effective river bank protection solution. Our team proposed the use of Gabion Boxes, a versatile and reliable geosynthetic product renowned for its strength and durability.

Gabion Boxes:

Unleashing the Power of Geosynthetics Gabion Boxes are wire mesh containers filled with stones, rocks, or other suitable materials. These boxes provide an efficient solution for erosion control, retaining walls, and slope stabilization. Made from high-quality materials, Gabion Boxes offer outstanding durability and resistance to weather conditions, making them ideal for long-term river bank protection projects.

Picture this:

a river bank teetering on the edge, but fear not! Ocean Non Wovens arrives in style with our arsenal of Gabion Boxes, ready to conquer erosion and turn the tide in your favor. Brace yourself for sturdy solutions that will make nature think twice before messing with your river banks!

The Power of Gabion Boxes Unleashed:

When it comes to river bank protection, Gabion Boxes truly shine. Their design allows water to pass through freely, reducing the erosive force while providing stability. By employing a combination of Gabion Boxes and a robust anchoring system, Ocean Non Wovens created a formidable defense against river bank erosion. The Gabion Boxes act as a barrier, absorbing the energy of water flow and preventing further degradation of the river banks.


Are Gabion Boxes environmentally friendly?

Yes, Gabion Boxes are an eco-friendly solution for river bank protection. The materials used in their construction are non-toxic and do not harm the surrounding ecosystem.

How long do Gabion Boxes last?

Gabion Boxes are designed to withstand the test of time. With proper installation and maintenance, they can last for several decades, providing reliable protection against erosion.

Can Gabion Boxes be customized to fit specific project requirements?

Absolutely! Ocean Non Wovens offers customization options for Gabion Boxes to ensure they meet the unique needs of each project. Our team will work closely with you to deliver tailor-made solutions.


Ocean Non Wovens takes immense pride in our successful River Bank Protection Project in Sitamarhi, Bihar. With the deployment of 3330 Gabion Boxes, we effectively safeguarded the river banks and contributed to the overall stability of the region. Our commitment to excellence and innovative geosynthetic solutions sets us apart as a trusted partner in erosion control. Reach out to Ocean Non Wovens today and let us fortify your river banks with the power of Gabion Boxes!

Remember, when nature tries to erode, Ocean Non Wovens responds with Gabion Boxes that turn the tide in your favor. Don’t let erosion get the better of you—trust the experts who know how to protect your river banks with style and strength!

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