Power and Mining

Mining is a sector that requires quality geotechnical, geological, and hydraulic solutions. Ocean Global has geosynthetic products conforming to the latest geotechnology, that aids in minimizing maintenance costs, reducing construction timeframes, and also minimizing operational disruption. Ocean global has a solution to every engineering challenge. Heightened environmental awareness has led to extensive use of geosynthetics in the power and mining sector. Various products help during the different stages of the lifecycle of a mine. With the use of geosynthetics, the global mining industry is controlling costs and improving environmental performance.


Mine Access and Haul Roads

Access roads are integral to a mine’s viability, and reliable pavements are of utmost importance. The mine haul roads need to be more durable with a higher load-bearing capacity. Site access delays can prove extremely expensive and threaten its operation.

Heap Leaching

Heap leaching undoubtedly is a massive driver to the growth of mining operations globally. A common practice in the gold, copper, and uranium mining operations, the process involves heaping of crushed ore onto geomembrane liners and subjected to chemicals to leach metal from the heap.


Tailings Management

Tailings, the common by-product of mining, are usually in the form of a slurry. There may be contamination by the extraction process and contain environmentally harmful components and should be isolated to prevent environmental damage.

Mine Closure

Irrespective of the stages of a mine’s active lifecycle, there is a need for responsible closure. Mining disrupts the natural state of soils and the environment significantly, and there is also the use of dangerous chemicals. In order to minimize environmental threats during its closure, several measures have to such as treating and cleaning sediments, and sometimes burying harmful elements, is a must. A geosynthetic capping system helps with this process.


Ocean Global Geosynthetic Solutions For Power and Mining Includes
  • Geotextiles help in the separation of soil layers. The geogrids and geocells provide high-strength reinforcement, improving the strength and lifespan of the roads. They also help with the stability of embankments, abutments, and operating pads.
  • Geomembranes and geosynthetic clay liners find utility in mines as heap leach pad liners, trench liners, processing pits, on-site water storage, raincoat covers to protect the ore stacks, and onsite water management.
  • Containment engineering with geosynthetics that are impermeable such as the geosynthetic clay liners or impermeable geomembranes, helps in tailings management. Exceptional chemical resistance, UV resistance, offer long-term and robust protection.
  • Geomembranes, geosynthetic clay liners, geotextiles, and even geocomposite drains help cover, encapsulate, and isolate contaminated soils. They allow for clean soil to be installed and for healthy vegetation re-establishment on mine closures.
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