What is the process of Geocell Manufacturing?

January 27, 2022 | Geocell, Insights

Ocean Global (Geocell) is a weightless, but strong, three-dimensional honeycomb-shaped cellular confinement system. It can be utilized as a foundation reinforcement mat for the improvement of load-bearing capacities of weak soils and as an erosion control barrier for slope surfaces. As a load support system, it effectively enhances the load-carrying capacities of weak soils. The strong, yet the flexible cellular structure of geocells confine the in-filled material and create a strong base for load distribution. Geocells may be used within road sections/ container yard pavements or below foundations, essentially to categorize the imposed load over a larger area.

Ocean Global Geocell slope protection system is a economical, high-performance solution that addresses slope erosion challenges while providing several facing options such as vegetation for aesthetic cover, concrete for permanent cover, etc., thereby enabling a sustainable footprint.


Ocean Global manufacturing involves extruding the base polymer using laser-controlled processes to ensure efficiency throughout the batch. After, extrusion the sheets are separated through a high-power punching machine, and then finally the joints are welded using higher ultrasonic welding machines which provide the highest weld strength possible.


Ocean global provides geosynthetics and engineering solutions for all geocells applications.

Erosion control

The confinement action of Ocean Global scales down erosion on slopes arising due to rains, wind, and other factors. Its protection system can be engineered to suit slope conditions, from high steep 60-degree slopes to very gradual 27 degrees slopes, and provide a worthwhile solution. After the slope is dressed and compacted Ocean Global geocells can be expanded and established rapidly using connectors and anchor systems.

Ocean Global manufactures the best erosion control mats in India, applying coir geotextile and jute geotextile. Erosion control mats provide economical utility across a range of infrastructure projects that face erosion issues.

Multiple infill alternatives are presently available including vegetation, concrete, stone, or any other option suitable to the site. Ocean Global proves to be more cost-effective as compared to stone pitching and paver tiles and is substantially longer lasting as compared to jute/coir mats.

Slope liner Protection

In cases, where a Geomembrane liner or any such covering is used on the slope which cannot be damaged or punctured, the ocean global liner protection system is the best solution. It can be laid on the liner without any concern for puncturing the liner and is anchored at the crest of the slope. The crest anchorage is engineered to resist all the sliding forces arising in Ocean Global. Its liner protection system can also be structured for very steep slopes.

Load Support

Due to the confinement effect and honeycomb structure, it spreads the loads forming on top over a larger area effectively expanding the modulus of the in filled material. Ocean Global geocells are very useful for pavements, ground improvement below embankments, access roads, etc. excessively poor subgrade such as extensive soils, black cotton areas, etc. It can be built for heavy loading and several site conditions.

Installation of geocells is very simple, requiring no machinery, and can be done rapidly. Its load support solution is best for low CBR grounds with heavy loading requirements and will help save on natural resources by reducing the aggregate layers.

Retaining Wall

In several projects, where a change of grade challenges is encountered, retaining walls is necessary. Typical concrete retaining walls are expensive to construct and require ample time. Ocean Global retaining wall is a better solution for such projects. The wall can be structured either as a geogrids reinforced soil wall or as a gravity wall. Since the wall panels are manufactured and shipped to the site, minimal site activities are needed.

Ocean Global retaining walls in combination with geogrids provide one of the fastest construction periods with minimal disruption at the site requiring only standard earthwork. Additionally, its walls provide the option for a green aesthetic facing by granting vegetation to grow at the face.



Does Geocell require regular maintenance?

Geocell requires minimal maintenance once it is installed. Periodic inspections to ensure proper performance are recommended.

Can Geocell be used for load support in parking areas? 

Yes, Geocell is often used for load support in parking areas as it distributes the load and reduces the stresses on the underlying soil.

What are the factors to consider when selecting Geocell for a project? 

Factors to consider include soil type, project requirements, anticipated loads, environmental conditions, and installation constraints.

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