Geosynthetic Clay Liner for Ponds

April 5, 2021 | Clay Liners, Insights, Pond liner
geosynthetic clay liner for ponds

An introduction to Geosynthetic Clay and Bentonite Liners

Current and trending alternatives to conventional compacted clay liners are GCLs or geosynthetic clay liners or prefabricated bentonite clay liners. An innovative geosynthetic product, it is extensively used in various civil engineering and geo environmental engineering applications, primarily in irrigation ponds, canals, reservoirs, or ditches. Suppliers of geosynthetics, Ocean Geosynthetics, manufacture premium clay liners that are used for varied purposes.

Aside from Clay Liner for ponds, the geosynthetic clay liners find applicability in landfills, dams, aquaculture, horticulture, decorative ponds, solid waste containment, liquid containment, secondary containment, mining-heap leach, and slag tailings, and other industrial applications.

Essentially in use as lining systems, the prefabricated liners comprise two layers of geotextiles (woven or nonwoven) stitched together, encapsulating a layer of bentonite. Needle punching and thermal locking ensure a reinforced lining with secure fibers, improving its strength and performance. With excellent resistance to physical and chemical breakdown, the geosynthetic clay liners are ideal to withstand the rough environments of containment systems and landfills.

Perks of Prefabricated Bentonite Clay Liner:

Ponds, while essential in some places, add a unique element to the landscape when ornamental. There is nothing easy about building ponds. Designing, excavating, and maintaining it is not simple, but geosynthetic pond liner for ponds make the whole process easy to a great extent.

Are prefabricated bentonite clay liners better than traditional liners for ponds? Definitely yes. We often refer to the bentonite liners as active liners as there is an actual process that makes the liner waterproof. A natural sealant, bentonite swells when it comes in contact with water, forming a low permeability clay liner. As such, on its own, bentonite is just clay. Passive liners, on the other hand, do not need any process to get them activated to perform the function of waterproofing, such as RPE liners.

With the proper installation, bentonite can self-heal, expand around punctures and fix any damage. Its design is such that it self-heals any minor penetrations during installation. In fact, sodium bentonite clay is one of the most effective and efficient pond liners/sealers.

When time is a constraint, you may be tempted with other options, but bentonite clay liners are the most viable and ideal choice. Prefabricated liners can help you avoid various challenges during installation and require less time and labor. Whether it is temperature variations or unfavorable weather and wind, the prefabricated liners manufactured are indoors under controlled conditions, rigorous testing, and inspection, ensuring high-quality liners.

These pond liners are flexible, not hampering or restricting the design sensibilities of the project. Apart from just installation ease, the prefabricated liners are self-sealing, show excellent resistance to chemicals and climate, resistance to differential settlements, and flexibility of use. Not to forget, the lower cost both for installation and labor.

Choose to work smart with Ocean Geosynthetics line of prefabricated geosynthetic clay liners. Our liners, with their low permeability and high shear strength, are factory seamed to your specifications with due diligence to the highest quality standards. Engineered for high performance, our GCLs with bentonite have unmatched sealing capabilities providing long-term stability at cost-effective rates.

Contact us for your project requirements, and we will have your material manufactured and delivered at your job site. Our sales team will be more than happy to provide you with detailed information of products suitable for your project.

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