NHAI Project in Raebareli, UP: A Case Study on the Use of Ocean Geogrid-20Kn PP

May 25, 2024 | Case Studies


The National Highways Authority of India (NHAI) recently undertook a significant infrastructure project in Raebareli, Uttar Pradesh, aimed at improving the region’s roadway network. This project presented unique challenges due to the area’s unstable soil conditions, which required innovative engineering solutions. The solution came in the form of Ocean Geogrid-20Kn PP, a high-performance geosynthetic product. In this case study, we will explore how 37,500 square meters of Ocean Geogrid-20Kn PP were utilized to address these challenges and ensure the project’s success. 

The Challenge: Unstable Soil Conditions 

Raebareli’s soil is predominantly silty and clayey, characterized by high shrink-swell potential. These conditions pose significant risks for roadway construction, including soil subsidence and reduced load-bearing capacity. Traditional stabilization methods, such as lime or cement treatment, were found inadequate for this project due to their limited long-term effectiveness in such soil conditions. 

The Solution: Ocean Geogrid-20Kn PP 

Ocean Geogrid-20Kn PP, a polypropylene geogrid, was selected for its superior reinforcement and stabilization properties. Here’s a detailed overview of why this product was chosen: 

High Tensile Strength: The geogrid provides a tensile strength of 20 kN/m, offering excellent soil reinforcement and reducing the likelihood of soil subsidence. 

Durability: Constructed from high-quality polypropylene, Ocean Geogrid-20Kn PP is resistant to chemical and biological degradation, making it ideal for long-term applications in harsh environmental conditions. 

Ease of Installation: Its lightweight nature and ease of handling significantly reduce installation time and labor costs, essential for meeting project deadlines. 

Cost-Effectiveness: By enhancing soil stability and reducing the need for frequent maintenance, Ocean Geogrid-20Kn PP offers a cost-effective solution for large-scale infrastructure projects. 

Implementation: Step-by-Step Process 

The implementation of Ocean Geogrid-20Kn PP in the NHAI project followed a structured process: 

Site Preparation: The existing soil was excavated and leveled to create a stable foundation for the geogrid installation. 

Geogrid Installation: Rolls of Ocean Geogrid-20Kn PP were laid out across the prepared site. The geogrids were securely anchored to prevent displacement during subsequent construction phases. 

Filling and Compaction: Layers of aggregate material were spread over the geogrid and compacted to enhance soil stability. This process was repeated until the desired thickness was achieved. 

Surface Layer Construction: The final surface layers of the roadway were constructed, ensuring a smooth and durable finish. 

The Outcome: Enhanced Roadway Stability and Longevity 

The use of Ocean Geogrid-20Kn PP in the Raebareli NHAI project resulted in a roadway that met all performance expectations. The geogrid provided exceptional stabilization, reducing the risk of subsidence and significantly extending the roadway’s lifespan. Feedback from local authorities and road users highlighted the improved safety and reliability of the infrastructure. 

Applications Beyond Roadways: Ocean Geogrid-20Kn PP in Water Reservoirs 

Ocean Geogrid-20Kn PP is also highly effective in reinforcing water reservoirs. Its high tensile strength and resistance to environmental degradation make it ideal for reinforcing the banks and beds of reservoirs. By preventing erosion and maintaining structural integrity, Ocean Geogrid-20Kn PP ensures the longevity and functionality of water storage facilities. 

Conclusion: Building a Better Future with Ocean Geogrid-20Kn PP 

The success of the NHAI project in Raebareli demonstrates the effectiveness of Ocean Geogrid-20Kn PP in addressing challenging soil conditions and enhancing infrastructure durability. At Ocean Non Wovens, we are committed to providing innovative geosynthetic solutions that meet the evolving needs of the construction industry. Whether you’re dealing with unstable soils, enhancing roadway durability, or reinforcing water reservoirs, our products are designed to deliver unmatched performance and reliability. 

Choose Ocean Geogrid-20Kn PP for your next project and experience the benefits of cutting-edge geosynthetics. Contact us today to learn more about our products and how we can help you build a better future. 

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