Enhancing Infrastructure Stability: A Case Study on Ocean Geogrid-40 Kn Implementation in the Numaligarh Refinery Project

April 30, 2024 | Case Studies


In the realm of infrastructure development, geosynthetics play a pivotal role in ensuring stability, longevity, and cost-efficiency. This case study delves into a significant project at the Numaligarh Refinery, where our company, Ocean Non Wovens, supplied 4000 square meters of Ocean Geogrid-40 Kn, showcasing its efficacy and contribution to the project’s success.

Project Overview

The Numaligarh Refinery, situated in Assam, India, embarked on a substantial expansion endeavor to bolster its operational capacity and infrastructure. The expansion aimed to enhance production efficiency, streamline processes, and fortify the refinery’s structural integrity to withstand environmental challenges prevalent in the region.

Challenges Faced

The project faced several challenges typical of refinery expansions, including soil instability, foundation reinforcement requirements, and the need for efficient drainage systems. The terrain posed significant challenges, characterized by varying soil compositions and susceptibility to erosion and landslides.

Solution Implemented

To address these challenges, our team proposed the integration of Ocean Geogrid-40 Kn, a high-strength geosynthetic material specifically designed for soil reinforcement applications. With its exceptional tensile strength of 40 Kn/m, the Ocean Geogrid offered an ideal solution to stabilize the soil, distribute loads efficiently, and mitigate potential risks associated with ground movement.

Implementation Process

The implementation of Ocean Geogrid-40 Kn commenced with a thorough site assessment and engineering analysis to determine the optimal placement and configuration. Following meticulous planning, our team collaborated closely with the project engineers to ensure seamless integration of the geosynthetic material into the refinery’s infrastructure.

Key Benefits Realized

  1. Enhanced Soil Stability: The incorporation of Ocean Geogrid-40 Kn significantly improved the soil’s bearing capacity, minimizing settlement and subsidence risks.
  2. Increased Structural Integrity: By reinforcing the foundation and structural elements, the geogrid contributed to the overall stability and durability of the refinery’s infrastructure.
  3. Improved Drainage Efficiency: The geogrid facilitated efficient water drainage, reducing the likelihood of waterlogging and associated structural damage.
  4. Cost-Efficiency: Ocean Geogrid-40 Kn offered a cost-effective solution compared to traditional methods of soil reinforcement, saving both time and resources in the project implementation.

Performance Evaluation

Throughout the project lifecycle, rigorous monitoring and performance assessments were conducted to evaluate the effectiveness of Ocean Geogrid-40 Kn. The geosynthetic material demonstrated exceptional performance, exceeding expectations in terms of durability, resilience, and structural integrity.


The successful integration of Ocean Geogrid-40 Kn in the Numaligarh Refinery expansion project stands as a testament to the efficacy of geosynthetics in enhancing infrastructure stability and resilience. By addressing key challenges and delivering superior performance, our company played a vital role in enabling the seamless execution of this critical project, underscoring our commitment to innovation, quality, and sustainable development.

Ocean Non Wovens Pvt. Ltd. remains dedicated to advancing the field of geosynthetics and partnering with clients worldwide to achieve their infrastructure objectives with excellence and integrity.

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