Assam Landfill – Case Study

January 2, 2023 | Case Studies

A landfill is an essential piece of land that houses all the waste that cannot be disposed of or cannot be recycled and reused. Without the landfill it would really be impossible and difficult to manage the waste of a place. Thus, landfills are a very crucial part in waste management and keeping the environment clean.

However, one cannot leave the landfills unadministered for a long time. The constant dumping of indisposable waste poses severe threats to human health. It most often leads to pollution of land, pollution of groundwater, air pollution (especially by emitting poisonous gases) and even soil pollution in the surrounding areas as well.

Thus, in this case study we will be discussing the ultimate solution for landfills in the state of Assam by Ocean Global, to help prevent such health and environment hazards by the proper use of high quality Geomembranes.

Product Ocean Geomembrane-1.5mm Thickness

Quantity – 5000 sqm”

Location – Assam, India

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A Landfill is itself a solution to appropriate waste management. But in many cases, when left unattended, the landfill itself can pose a great threat to the environment and thus human life as well.

It is thus very crucial to build them appropriately with all the correct solution for landfills provided.

The amount of solid waste generated in most houses, schools, hospitals, industrial residual, chemical wastes, industrial byproducts, agricultural remnants, waste from refineries, etc. is something that we cannot ignore. 

All this waste dumping leads to severe pollution of air, soil, water, etc. 

And a huge state like Assam, which is densely populated, needs proper waste management indeed. Landfills are certainly an essential part here. But they needed to be built with the right quality liners or barriers to such poisonous gases (such as Methane), liquids, and other hazardous substances generated from the waste that cannot be disposed of in such landfills. 

The Methane gas released can also cause a lot of environmental hazards such as soil deterioration, Landfill fires, atmospheric changes, etc. 


Geomembranes are extensively used in the Waste management industry, to help prevent any such health and environmental hazards caused by the unattended or improperly built landfills.

The Geomembranes are nothing but the flexible polymer sheets usually Bound together to be used as a liner in the landfills. Their essential function is to cease the migration of the poisonous gases and liquids from one place to another, as they belong to the group of geosynthetics with extremely low permeability.

They are known for their qualities to prevent precipitation, penetration and trapping of the landfill gases in order to avoid any further degradation of the soil and the overall environment.

The HDPE (High Density Polypropylene) Geomembranes are the extensively used liners in the landfill and waste management industry owing to its higher strength, resistance to various Chemicals, temperature, and weathering and most importantly, its hard wearing capacity with inherent flexibility.

However, the best advantage of the HDPE Geomembranes basically is that they are extremely easy to install and thus, can be installed in the landfill within a very less time.

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