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February 21, 2022 | Geobags, Insights

Ever after Geo bags were started to be used, the product has been a transition in arresting riverbank and protecting beaches, as well as providing strong protection against floods. In this blog, we will examine the applications and advantages of geo bags. Yet, before starting the discussion, let’s figure out what a ‘geo bag’ is. Geo bags are built out of woven polyester and polypropylene fabrics that are filled with sand and soil.
Geo bags are usually used to build shore-protection structures. Now let’s examine four important applications and advantages of geo bags:

Prevention of Soil Erosion at River Banks

In countries with a big number of rivers like India, soil erosion is one of the greatest issues. Soil erosion is also one of the primary causes of floods, deforestation, and loss of flora and fauna. Since their introduction, geo bags have played a semantic role in the prevention of soil erosion. They have been demonstrated to be more effective than traditional methods of arresting soil at riverbanks. Studies have revealed that geo bags also help the wild animals in the forests to access water without slipping into the water bodies. As well, preventing soil erosion effectively precisely results in better soil retention and enhanced agricultural productivity in the surrounding areas.

Cost-Effective Alternate for Curbing Floods

Conventional and modern techniques to curb floods involve high costs, implementing such measures less feasible. Geo bags provide a huge alternative to such expensive techniques. A large number of geo bags manufacturers in India maintain high-quality geo bags that can be used to build sandbag walls to redirect the flood water or curb its flow. These sand-filled geo bag walls are not just cost-effective to build, but as well as much more convenient to construct, without breaking any current buildings or structures. These cost-effective, easy-to-build walls can also be set up in rainwater harvesting systems, which can be applied in drought-prone regions like Marathwada in Maharashtra.

Construction of Ports, Dams, and Harbours

Geo bags are intensely useful in the construction of ports, dams, harbors, as they provide a strong, sturdy, sustainable, and solid resistance from a strong flow of water. Resistance is one of the key elements in not just building these structures on and by the water bodies, but as well as in preventing the water body from flooding the pathways of these structures. Geo bags can also be utilized in providing extra protection and strength to the bases of docks in regions where the water current is greater.

Scour Protection of Groynes and Breakwaters

Groins and breakwaters are created into the seas to protect the coastal areas from the force of waves. These structures get abrade over time, making them weak and executing the coastal areas vulnerable. Geo bags can be of huge use in protecting these structures and preventing any potential threats to the coastal regions. This boosts the life of the groins and breakwaters, gives a cost-effective solution, and also prevents sand erosion at the base of these structures.

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