Geo Tubes for Coastal Erosion and Shoreline Protection

February 28, 2023 | Geotubes, Insights


The leading global geosynthetic specialists, Ocean Geosynthetics, are highly environment-conscious and manufacture a range of products including Geo Tubes dewatering containers for coastal erosion and shoreline protection. Geo Tubes are by far the most useful products suitable for marine engineering applications.

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What is Coastal Erosion?

There is a rise in the global sea level over the past many decades. It has been more rapid over recent decades due to human activities leading to global warming. Accelerating developmental activities in the vicinity of coastlines, erosion, storms, and high tides have resulted in land loss, infrastructure damage, and putting the wellbeing of the local communities in jeopardy. In instances, coastal erosion has even necessitated community relocations.

What are the reasons for Coastal Erosion?

Large water bodies whether oceans, rivers, or lakes often face manmade and natural challenges that threaten to alter the natural landscape. The coastal erosion and shoreline retreat due to rise in sea level causes loss of coastal lands due to removal or displacement of sediments. The coastal erosion could either be a rapid or slow onset hazard. Further, heavy rainfall leads to highly saturated soils reducing the soil’s shear strength and increasing chances of slope failures and landslides.

Typically, erosion is driven by action of water in the waves and currents. Extreme weather conditions like storms, surge, high-tides, flooding are also factors in play. Human activities are also major contributors in coastal erosion. Though mostly a natural process, most coastal landforms experience seemingly regular cycles of accretion and erosion.

Mitigating Coastal Erosion and Achieving Shoreline Protection with Ocean Geosynthetics Geotextile Tubes:

In recent times, Geotextile tubes or the Geotube technology has become a prime solution instead of an alternative approach as shoreline protection systems. With a well-thought out and planned design, and complimentary technical support, the geotubes are an efficient means to preserving shorelines globally.

The Ocean Geosynthetics, Geotubes manufacturers in India, are ideal and environmentally-safe coastal and marine engineering solutions specialists. Fabricated with engineered geotextiles, geo tubes are tubular structures with regularly-spaced filling ports. Filled with a slurry of sand and water, these Geo Tubes are placed in a trench parallel to the seashores to control erosion and considerably lessen the damage from the wrath of the turbulent seas.

While the water dissipates through the permeable geotextile fabric, sand settles down forming one large continuous monolithic barrier that helps in maintaining the ecological balance of shorelines, land reclamation, and consolidation of soft soils.

Ocean Geosynthetics manufacture durable Geo Tubes with specially engineered woven or composite geotextiles meeting varying tensile strengths, as per the application. Inert to biological degradation, high UV resistance, excellent seam strength, and mechanical resistance makes them ideal solutions to cope with challenges of the coastlines. At reduced costs, the Geo Tubes offer measurable results and long-term performance.

Ocean Geosynthetics has the most versatile, multifunctional, and durable Geo Tubes for all your shoreline protection and erosion control solutions and other marine remediation measures. Our team of experts is highly experienced and adept at understanding your specific project requirements, within your budget.

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