Geosynthetics in Construction of Roads Subgrade Stabilization with Geogrids

February 27, 2023 | Geogrids, Geosynthetics, Insights

The tremendous growth in construction of roads with expressways and highways has led India to be second only to the United States in terms of having the most extensive road network. India’s road network spans 5.89 million kilometers. The roadways are responsible for the transportation of almost 65% of goods in the country. A whopping 90% of the country’s total passenger traffic uses roads.

We have come a long way from the first Roman roads, made of stone. The techniques for the construction of roads have also changed and evolved in terms of thickness, alignment, slope gradients, layering, stability, and materials.

Of the various materials in use, high quality Geosynthetics products and materials are a popular choice of materials in the construction of roads. They offer cost-effective and long-term solutions. Geosynthetics are especially useful in circumstances where there are severe road construction restrictions; there is poor drainage of subsoils, or in areas where the subgrade consists of cohesive and organic soil.

Geosynthetics offer optimum solutions for infrastructure on soft soils, prolonging maintenance intervals and the service life of roads. One of the most versatile ground modification materials, geosynthetic use is extensive in civil, geotechnical, environmental, hydraulic, and coastal engineering.

Problems in Construction of Roads :

Various factors are responsible for the lifespan of roads and pavements. Persistent potholes and recurrent ruts are constantly wreaking havoc on roadways. Further environmental factors, traffic loads, road widening, age of roads, subgrade soil conditions are all factors that affect the service life of roadways.

Primarily, the detrimental factors affecting roadways are the temperature extremes, poor drainage, substrate composition, and wear and tear. It is ideal to address these issues and problems either during initial construction or rehabilitation for better outcomes.

Pavement distress and degradation are primarily attributed to permeability, with surface water infiltrating, softening, and weakening the subgrade.

When the subgrade consists of clays, silts, or silt, it retains moisture and tends to shift and expand with freeze/thaw cycles, thus resulting in roadbed deterioration. While on the other hand, sandy, well-drained soil adds years to the lifespan of roads.

Geosynthetic Solutions – Geogrids:

Traditionally, the solution to a poor substrate or subgrade material in road construction is excavating and replacing the subgrade. It is undoubtedly an expensive and time-consuming affair.

The use of geosynthetics is the preferred strategy today for subgrade stabilization and long-term performance of roadways. Geogrids and geotextiles are a breakthrough technology offering a reliable and affordable long-term solution.

The Geogrid in Road Construction provide tensile strength holding the soils together. Geogrids are formed of polymers, joining intersecting ribs with apertures. They are uniaxial, biaxial, or triaxial.

Geogrids provide structural integrity by confining granular fill and redistributing load across spaces. They provide overall stiffness and prevent lateral spreading, improving vertical stress distribution. The use of geogrids enhances the load-carrying capacity as well.

The environment-friendly Geogrid in Road Construction stabilize the subgrade soil and increase the durability of roads and pavements. Ease of construction and transport add to the list of pros.


The low carbon footprint, the myriad uses, ease of transport, and installation have are all responsible for using geosynthetics as a contemporary choice in the construction industry. In addition, a series of government initiatives are attracting tremendous investor interest.

Ocean Geosynthetics, Geogrids manufacturers & suppliers in India, provides durable reinforcing materials suitable for your projects. Our geogrids are environment-friendly and can help overcome the challenges of conventional aggregates, offering improved performance at economical costs.

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