Ocean Non Wovens’ Ocean HDPE Liner in the Integrated Solid Waste Management Project at Avaragolla, Davanagere

January 25, 2024 | Case Studies


Ocean Non Wovens, a trailblazer in geosynthetics manufacturing and supply, played a pivotal role in the success of the Integrated Solid Waste Management Project at Avaragolla, Davanagere. This transformative initiative aimed to revolutionize waste management practices, and Ocean Non Wovens’ flagship product, the Ocean HDPE Liner-1500 micron, emerged as a cornerstone in achieving project objectives.

Project Overview:

Project Name: Integrated Solid Waste Management Project at Avaragolla, Davanagere
Product Used: Ocean HDPE Liner-1500 micron
Quantity Used: 16,080 Sqm


The Avaragolla project faced multifaceted challenges in waste containment and environmental protection. Key challenges included:

  1. Leachate Control: The existing waste disposal methods posed a risk of leachate contamination, threatening soil and groundwater quality.
  2. Landfill Integrity: Ensuring the structural integrity of the landfill was crucial to prevent soil erosion and the escape of hazardous waste into the surrounding environment.
  3. Regulatory Compliance: Stringent environmental regulations mandated a robust waste containment solution to meet compliance standards.


Ocean Non Wovens collaborated with project stakeholders to implement a comprehensive solution using the Ocean HDPE Liner-1500 micron. This high-density polyethylene liner was chosen for its exceptional strength, durability, and impermeability, making it an ideal choice for waste containment.


  1. Site Assessment: Ocean Non Wovens conducted a thorough site assessment to understand the specific challenges and environmental conditions at Avaragolla.
  2. Customized Liner Design: The Ocean HDPE Liner-1500 micron was customized to fit the contours of the landfill, ensuring complete coverage and optimal containment.
  3. Professional Installation: A team of skilled technicians from Ocean Non Wovens ensured the precise installation of the liner, adhering to industry best practices.


The integration of Ocean HDPE Liner-1500 micron yielded remarkable outcomes for the Integrated Solid Waste Management Project:

  1. Leachate Prevention: The liner’s impermeable barrier effectively prevented leachate migration, safeguarding soil and groundwater from contamination.
  2. Landfill Stability: The robustness of the Ocean HDPE Liner contributed to the structural stability of the landfill, preventing soil erosion and promoting long-term environmental sustainability.
  3. Regulatory Compliance: The project successfully met and exceeded environmental regulatory standards, establishing Avaragolla as a model for responsible waste management.


Ocean Non Wovens’ Ocean HDPE Liner-1500 micron played a pivotal role in the success of the Integrated Solid Waste Management Project at Avaragolla, Davanagere. This case study highlights the company’s commitment to delivering innovative geosynthetic solutions that address complex environmental challenges. The project’s success stands as a testament to the effectiveness of Ocean Non Wovens’ products in promoting sustainable waste management practices.

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