The Light House Project: Enhancing Stability and Sustainability with Ocean HDPE Perforated Geocell

June 15, 2023 | Case Studies
The Light House Project: Enhancing Stability and Sustainability with Ocean HDPE Perforated Geocell


In the picturesque city of Agartala, a revolutionary geosynthetics project named the Light House Project took place. Ocean Non-Wovens, a leading geosynthetics manufacturing company, played a pivotal role in this venture. With their cutting-edge product, Ocean HDPE Perforated Geocell, they successfully provided stability and sustainability to a total area of 9985 Sqm. Let’s delve deeper into this case study and explore the remarkable benefits of Ocean HDPE Perforated Geocell.

Informative Section: Ocean HDPE Perforated Geocell: A Game-Changer in Geosynthetics Ocean HDPE Perforated Geocell, a high-density polyethylene (HDPE) geocellular confinement system, is specifically designed to enhance soil stabilization, erosion control, and slope protection. Its unique three-dimensional honeycomb structure provides exceptional load distribution, making it a perfect choice for various civil engineering applications.

Advantages of Ocean HDPE Perforated Geocell:

  1. Enhanced Load-Bearing Capacity: The geocell’s interlocking structure efficiently distributes vertical loads, preventing soil compaction and improving load-bearing capacity.
  2. Improved Soil Retention: By confining the infill materials, the geocell minimizes soil erosion and enhances soil retention, even on steep slopes.
  3. Sustainable Solution: Ocean HDPE Perforated Geocell is made from 100% recyclable HDPE, promoting eco-friendly construction practices.
  4. Easy Installation: The lightweight and flexible nature of the geocell ensures quick and hassle-free installation, reducing project timelines and costs.
  5. Longevity and Durability: Resistant to chemicals, UV radiation, and extreme weather conditions, Ocean HDPE Perforated Geocell ensures long-lasting performance.

The Light House Project: Transforming Agartala’s Landscape The Light House Project aimed to create a sustainable urban infrastructure while addressing soil stability challenges. Ocean Non Wovens provided their top-notch product, Ocean HDPE Perforated Geocell, to reinforce the soil in various project areas. This geosynthetic marvel played a crucial role in supporting the project’s foundations, preventing soil erosion, and establishing a durable groundwork.


How does Ocean HDPE Perforated Geocell prevent soil erosion?

Ocean HDPE Perforated Geocell’s unique design confines the infill material, preventing soil displacement and erosion caused by water flow or slope instability.

Can Ocean HDPE Perforated Geocell be used in landfill construction?

Yes, Ocean HDPE Perforated Geocell is a versatile solution and finds applications in various sectors, including landfill construction. It effectively reinforces the soil and prevents the lateral movement of waste materials.

Is Ocean HDPE Perforated Geocell cost-effective?

Absolutely! Ocean HDPE Perforated Geocell’s easy installation, reduced construction time, and long-term durability make it a cost-effective solution compared to traditional soil stabilization methods.


The Light House Project in Agartala showcased the immense benefits of Ocean HDPE Perforated Geocell in enhancing stability, sustainability, and soil retention. With its cutting-edge design and exceptional load-bearing capacity, this innovative geosynthetic solution continues to transform civil engineering projects across various domains. Ocean Non Wovens’ remarkable contribution has established them as pioneers in the geosynthetics manufacturing industry.

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