Transforming Vasco da Gama with Ocean Geonet Geocomposite: A Case Study on Ocean Non Wovens’ RVNL Project

June 19, 2023 | Case Studies
Transforming Vasco da Gama with Ocean Geonet Geocomposite


In the realm of geosynthetics manufacturing, Ocean Non Wovens has once again demonstrated its prowess with the successful completion of the RVNL Project in Vasco da Gama. As a leading provider of innovative solutions, Ocean Non Wovens delivered its flagship product, Geonet Geocomposite, to address the unique challenges faced during the project. This case study highlights the remarkable implementation of Geonet Geocomposite, covering an expansive area of 2592 square meters, and showcases its exceptional performance in the context of the RVNL Project.

Driving Transformation with Geonet Geocomposite

At Ocean Non Wovens, we believe in providing cutting-edge geosynthetic solutions that not only solve challenges but also drive transformative outcomes. The RVNL Project in Vasco da Gama was no exception. By utilizing Geonet Geocomposite, a high-performance product engineered for diverse geotechnical applications, we were able to significantly enhance the project’s stability, sustainability, and overall success.

Ocean Geonet Geocomposite: A Marvel of Engineering

Our Geonet Geocomposite is a unique amalgamation of advanced geotextiles and geonets, combining the benefits of both materials to offer unparalleled performance. Designed to optimize drainage, filtration, and reinforcement, Geonet Geocomposite is a versatile solution that finds its applications in a wide range of civil engineering projects.

Revolutionize your projects with Geonet Geocomposite – the superhero of geosynthetics! Say goodbye to worries and hello to stability and success!

Unleashing Geonet Geocomposite in Vasco da Gama

For the RVNL Project, the implementation of Geonet Geocomposite played a crucial role in mitigating various challenges and ensuring a seamless construction process. Let’s delve into the key areas where our product showcased its remarkable capabilities:

  1. Enhanced Drainage: By incorporating Geonet Geocomposite, the project achieved superior drainage capabilities, preventing water accumulation and effectively managing potential water-related issues. With its exceptional hydraulic properties, the geocomposite facilitated optimal water flow, safeguarding the structural integrity of the project.
  2. Reinforced Soil Structures: The robust geonets integrated within Geonet Geocomposite provided exceptional reinforcement to the soil structures, improving their load-bearing capacity. This, in turn, contributed to the longevity and durability of the infrastructure, making it more resistant to settling and subsidence.

Geonet Geocomposite: Where strength meets soil! Reinforce your projects with the power of geonets, and watch your structures stand tall against the test of time.

  1. Soil Filtration and Separation: Geonet Geocomposite proved invaluable in facilitating effective soil filtration and separation. Its geotextile component prevented the intermixing of fine particles with the coarse granular materials, ensuring long-term stability and optimal performance of the project’s soil layers.
  2. Environmental Sustainability: Ocean Non Wovens takes pride in delivering eco-friendly solutions, and the RVNL Project was no exception. Geonet Geocomposite’s environment-friendly composition and recyclable materials contributed to the project’s sustainable development goals, minimizing environmental impact without compromising on performance.


Is Geonet Geocomposite suitable for projects in harsh climatic conditions?

Absolutely! Geonet Geocomposite is designed to withstand a wide range of environmental conditions, including extreme temperatures, moisture, and UV exposure. Its exceptional durability makes it an ideal choice for projects in diverse climates.

Can Geonet Geocomposite be customized to fit specific project requirements?

Yes, at Ocean Non Wovens, we understand that each project has unique needs. Our Geonet Geocomposite can be customized to meet specific requirements, ensuring optimal performance and client satisfaction.

Is Geonet Geocomposite cost-effective compared to traditional geosynthetic solutions?

Geonet Geocomposite offers a cost-effective alternative to traditional geosynthetic solutions. Its superior performance and longevity translate to reduced maintenance costs and enhanced overall value for your projects.


Ocean Non Wovens’ remarkable case study of the RVNL Project in Vasco da Gama highlights the transformative power of Geonet Geocomposite in the realm of geosynthetics. With its exceptional drainage, reinforcement, and filtration properties, this innovative solution ensures stability, sustainability, and long-term success for construction projects. Unlock the potential of your projects with Geonet Geocomposite and witness the remarkable difference it can make.

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