Namami Gange Project: Harnessing Geosynthetics for Sustainable River Restoration

June 15, 2023 | Case Studies
Use of Gabion Box for Riverbank Protection The Namami Gange Project


The Namami Gange Project, an ambitious initiative undertaken by the Indian government, aims to rejuvenate the sacred River Ganga, restoring its pristine glory and ensuring its long-term sustainability. In this case study, we explore the crucial role played by Ocean Non Wovens Pvt Ltd, a leading geosynthetics manufacturing company, in this transformative project.

About the Project

The Namami Gange Project, launched in 2014, focuses on comprehensive river conservation and pollution abatement. With its primary objective being the reduction of pollution and revitalization of the Ganga River basin, the project requires innovative and sustainable solutions. Geosynthetics have emerged as a key element in this endeavor, providing cost-effective and eco-friendly alternatives for riverbank protection, erosion control, and channel stabilization.

As the waves of progress crash upon the shores of environmental consciousness, Ocean Non Wovens Pvt Ltd emerged as a tidal force in the restoration of the holy Ganga River. With our cutting-edge geosynthetics solutions, we weave a tale of sustainable development and unparalleled commitment. Dive into the depths of our success story!

Project Details:

Located in Mirzapur, Uttar Pradesh, the Namami Gange Project presented a unique challenge that Ocean Non Wovens Pvt Ltd was ready to tackle head-on. The requirement was to provide a robust solution for riverbank protection, preventing erosion and ensuring the longevity of the project’s objectives. Our innovative product, the Gabion Box (Double Twisted Wire Mesh), proved to be the ideal choice.

Gabion Box (Double Twisted Wire Mesh):

A Gabion Box is a structure crafted from double twisted wire mesh panels, filled with stones or aggregates. This ingenious creation serves as a formidable barrier against erosion while promoting natural water filtration and fostering an environment conducive to aquatic life. The Gabion Box’s versatility and durability made it the perfect fit for the Namami Gange Project.

The Gabion Box (Double Twisted Wire Mesh) acts as a protective shield, preventing soil erosion and ensuring the stability of riverbanks. It allows for natural water flow while retaining soil particles, minimizing sedimentation and maintaining the integrity of the riverbed. Its porous structure facilitates groundwater recharge and aids in the establishment of vegetation, restoring the ecological balance of the river.

Just like a secret agent guarding the river’s secrets, our Gabion Boxes stand strong, shielding the riverbanks from the onslaught of erosion. With their double-twisted wire mesh and stone-filled cores, they embody the perfect balance of strength and beauty. Witness the magic unfold!

Project Success:

Ocean Non Wovens Pvt Ltd supplied an impressive quantity of 520 Nos Gabion Boxes, effectively fortifying the riverbanks along the Mirzapur stretch of the Ganga River. The use of these Gabion Boxes proved pivotal in ensuring the project’s success and delivering a sustainable solution for riverbank protection.


What makes Gabion Boxes the preferred choice for riverbank protection?

Gabion Boxes offer a blend of strength, durability, and ecological benefits. Their ability to withstand hydraulic forces, promote natural water filtration, and encourage vegetation growth makes them an ideal solution for riverbank protection.

Can Gabion Boxes be customized to suit different project requirements?

Absolutely! Gabion Boxes can be tailored to specific project needs, including size, shape, and filling material. This versatility ensures optimal performance and compatibility with diverse environmental conditions.

Are Gabion Boxes a cost-effective solution?

Yes, they are. The Gabion Boxes’ low installation and maintenance costs, coupled with their long lifespan, make them an economically viable choice for riverbank protection and erosion control.


Ocean Non Wovens Pvt Ltd played a vital role in the Namami Gange Project, contributing their expertise and innovative geosynthetics solutions. Through the supply of 520 Nos Gabion Boxes, the project achieved its goal of sustainable riverbank protection. The success of this project highlights the immense potential of geosynthetics in driving environmental preservation and fostering a greener future.

With Ocean Non Wovens Pvt Ltd leading the way, the Namami Gange Project becomes a shining testament to the power of collaboration and innovative solutions in restoring and preserving the sacred Ganga River.

Ready to protect our rivers and create a sustainable future? Explore our geosynthetics solutions and join the journey of environmental restoration. Visit our website or contact us today to learn more!

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